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Tuition FAQs
How much is required for a deposit on a class registration?

A 25% deposit is all you need to secure your spot, and reserve on-site lodging and meals. You may also choose to pay in full.
How much is tuition?

Tuition rates are based on the class and are subject to change. Please refer to the class description pages on this website for current tuition costs. Tuition does not include costs for lodging, meals or class materials fees.
Are there any discounted tuition programs?

Full-time residents of Bayfield and Ashland Counties are eligible for a 25% discount for any regular course on a space-available, stand-by basis.

In the event that the class reaches maximum capacity, local residents may choose to pay full tuition for a confirmed space, or cancel without penalty. Local residents must present a valid driver's license.
Can I change my registration from one class to another?

Yes. If a scheduling conflict occurs, you can transfer to another workshop if space is available.
Will my tuition be refunded if I cancel my registration?

Cancelled registrations will be subject to the following charges:

- More than 60 days prior to the workshop $150.00 cancellation fee

- 60 to 0 days prior to the workshop no refunds for any amount; however, see transfer policy

Transfer Policy - Registrants who cancel their enrollment in a class may make a one-time transfer to another workshop without penalty. Transfers may be made either in the current workshop season, or any class in the following year.

A class registration is transferable to another person, with the same one-year restriction as above.
What is the cancellation policy for students using the Local Area Discount?

Once confirmed for a class, the regular cancellation fee applies.
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