- Studio Painting | Not-So-Basic Basics in Santa Fe
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Studio Painting | Not-So-Basic Basics in Santa Fe - - Studio Painting | Not-So-Basic Basics in Santa Fe - Studio Painting | Not-So-Basic Basics in Santa Fe
Studio Painting | Not-So-Basic Basics in Santa Fe
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Class #: SPSFSL020419
Dates: 02/04/19 to 02/08/19
Level: All Levels
Tuition: $700.00
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Instructor: Skip Lawrence  | View Instructor's: Bio  | Other Classes

Class Description: 

When you have outgrown the basics and the old ‘should’ and 'should nots’ of painting, then you are ready for Skip’s Not-So-Basic Basics. With fifty years experience in guiding artists to their most authentic, personal expression, Skip Lawrence knows exactly how to get you there, too.

Your range of choices in your paintings increase by quantum leaps, once you add these tools to your design vocabulary. These Not-So-Basic Basics give you the creative confidence to break the old rules and make art decisions that truly express YOU. It IS all about you!

If you have never taken a workshop with Skip, this is the perfect way to become familiar with his fresh look at design language and art philosophy. If you have studied with Skip once or a dozen times, these lessons and exercises become an ongoing revelation, as your art process matures and evolves.

Each day we will focus on a general concept of art that is applicable to every student no matter his or her level of experience, or preference for style or media. 

Day 1 – Selecting the most appropriate dominance of color, value, line, or texture for the subject you select.

Day 2-  Declaring whish contrast works best for your subject –strong - subtle; neutral -bright; busy – minimal.

Day 3-  Shapes and edges – most appropriate for the chosen subject. e.i.- soft organic shapes work well for traditional landscape paintings.  Geometric hard edged shapes for the cityscapes.

Day 4- Space and dimension -  Choose flat, shallow, or deep space coupled with 2-D or 3-D objects.

Day 5 – Summarize and declare a direction.

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