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David Taylor was born in Peterborough, New Hampshire, in 1963. As a Navy brat, he was relocated down the East Coast of the U.S. along with his three sisters and two brothers. David completed his high school and college years in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. He currently lives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

David's obsession with fabric began at an early age, salvaging tiny scraps from his mother's sewing area trash bin. This began his love and appreciation for fabric, though not a love for quilting. "Who would ever want to cut up their beautiful fabrics into tiny pieces?" he asks.

After college, David embarked on a career in graphic design (before computers!), primarily working for newspapers. Throughout his 20-year career, he received more than 100 regional and national awards for newspaper editorial layout and advertising design.

David's first quilt design was in 1999, a fundraiser quilt collaboration for Strings Music Festival in Steamboat with friend and professional long-arm quilter Madeleine Vail of Clark, CO. Madeleine encouraged him to keep after it. Following a visit to Houston in 2001 for the International Quilt Festival, David's obsession with fabric turned into an obsession for quilting as art.

In 2006, David discovered a love for hand-applique, and all of his works since then have been stitched together by hand. "I don't think I'll ever give up my machine for the actual quilting," he adds. In 2008, he became an ambassador for HandiQuilter and their Sweet 16 sit-down machine.

Now, more than a decade into his quilting journey, he has exhibited his work internationally and teaches at numerous venues throughout the year.

David Taylor has been the recipient of the Fairfield Master Award for Contemporary Quilting from the International Quilt Association (2006), the Brother Wall Machine Workmanship Award from the American Quilters Society (Paducah, 2008), and a two-time Best of Show winner at the IQA's Spring Festival in Chicago (2007, 2008), among others.
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