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• Varjabedian, Craig
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Craig Varjabedian’s memory of the day that inspired his passion for photography is as clear as the glacial waters of Lake Louise in his native Canada. Craig was seven years old and in awe of the majestic landscape around him. His mother encouraged him to peer into the viewfinder of the family’s Kodak camera for the first time and release the shutter. In that instant, he discovered the wonder of capturing a moment in time.

Later lured by the enigmatic vistas and people of the American West, Craig made Santa Fe, New Mexico, his home and found the artistic voice that is the hallmark of his fine art photography. Craig’s passion is creating art that explores and expresses the truth of his experiences in intimate portraits and luminous landscapes. His luminous photographs reflect his heart-felt connection to authenticity and beauty; the photographer uses the depths of black & white and the nuances of color to move viewers beyond the realm of simple print on paper. For over forty years, his devotion to making photographs and producing meticulously hand-crafted prints is evident in each image he makes. The results are images only a master in love with his art can divine.

Ten books have been published on Craig Varjabedian’s photographic work, including En Divina Luz: The Penitente Moradas of New Mexico, Four & Twenty Photographs: Stories from Behind the Lens, Ghost Ranch and the Faraway Nearby and Landscape Dreams, A New Mexico Portrait. His upcoming book Into the Great White Sands celebrates the beauty of White Sands National Monument, will be published by the University of New Mexico Press in Spring 2018.



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