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Charlotte Angotti & Debbie Caffrey Classes
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Charlotte Angotti -

While shopping with her mother in 1977, (really, that long ago!), Charlotte wandered into a quilt shop and everything changed from there. Educated in fine arts, speech and drama, she brings a variety of talents to the class and in a most humorous way.

She has been teaching quilt making since 1978 because someone asked Charlotte to teach her. Her first quilt was sold right after making it. She has sold many since. In 1981 Charlotte opened a quilt shop, Quilt Works, in Virginia Beach,VA. She sold the shop in 1999.

She has been teaching nationally/internationally since 1991 and now lives in the Lafayette, LA area, moving there in 2016.

Quilt Maker's Studio was started when Charlotte realized there were a few left over kits now and then. These class kits are offered for sale on this website along with her patterns and book. The kits are laser cut, come in only the colors offered, and are first come first served. If you see one you like, get it. They are wonderful to sew. (there are times when they aren't available, nothing leftover!)

It has been said many times, if you hear laughter coming from a room, there is a good chance Charlotteis in there. Charlotte is known for humor, her way with color and fabric, her pre-cut kits, and now a new book, Surprise Yourself! Charlotte is a fun person to have on a faculty or as a teacher coming to your guild. She believes her hobby is quiltmaking and her job is teaching others to enjoy it as much as she does.

Debbie Caffrey - 

Debbie Caffrey has taught quilting workshops for more than thirty years, teaching most of that time nationally and internationally. Her favorite events have been those times that she teaches with her best friend, Charlotte Angotti. Debbie says that in those workshops, 1 + 1 = much more than 2! What one teacher doesn’t think of, the other will. And, you will even learn some things between the fun and laughs.

Debbie is a self-published author of fourteen books, dozens of patterns, and 250+ mystery patterns; and she has written numerous magazine articles.

In addition, Debbie has many online classes (Craftsy, Quilters Newsletter Magazine – The Workshops (with Charlotte Angotti), QNN – Quilter’s Coffee episodes, and she and Charlotte made an appearance on The Quilt Show with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson. Debbie began her on camera appearances years ago with Alex Anderson, teaching two episodes of Simply Quilts (HGTV and DIY networks).

If you ask Debbie how she came to pursue her career in teaching quiltmaking she will reply, “I’m a puzzle lover, all kinds: crossword, Sudoku, whodunit mysteries, logic puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, math story problems, and even cruising the aisles of home improvement stores planning unique uses for what I see.

In 1983 I took my first quilting class and learned about the rotary cutter. I began teaching quilting a few months later. My passions had come together perfectly. I could sew puzzles! That is exactly what I’ve been doing for more than thirty years. I am still pinching myself!”
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