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Judy Cummings for Sue Spargo Classes
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• Cummings for Sue Spargo, Judy
Hi I am Judy Cummings for Sue Spargo, click here to view my classes

Judy Cummings has been teaching hand embroidery, needle turn appliqué, and piecing for more than 15 years in the Sacramento, CA area she calls home.  For the past 5 years Judy has spent countless hours perfecting her hand embellishment skills and techniques, with the focus of both her personal studies and ongoing professional teaching being inspired by Sue Spargo’s designs and techniques.  Judy is very excited to be named as Sue special invited representative to Madeline Island School of the Arts.  She is honored to step in for Sue and can't wait to give each person in the workshop her individualized attention.


“I have come to know Judy Cummings over the past several years and I am truly impressed by her level of handwork skills, along with her grasp of the techniques and materials that complete my designs.  But, this is only a part of Judy’s talent, she is also an accomplished and caring instructor.   I am so lucky to know Judy and I am completely comfortable that she will do an excellent job for each and every student enrolled in the Creative Texture class.  I will be missing all of you this June, but am pleased to have the opportunity to introduce you to Judy Cummings.” - Sue Spargo
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