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Kami Mendlik-Polzin is a highly sought after painter and instructor in the States and abroad.  Her painting and teaching has earned her numerous awards and has led her to Europe where she painted and taught in the hills of Tuscany.  Her passion and enthusiasm for painting is contagious and inspirational. 

Kami’s skills in interpreting nature in a simplified and direct manner have been fine tuned over many years of painting, both in the studio and en plein air.  Her ability to communicate to her students in an inspirational way is her trademark.

“Thanks again for a fantastic week of painting…So well grounded in the fundamentals and your energy and enthusiasm for what you do is immensely infectious.  The morning after I returned from the island I was walking to the farmer's market as usual on a Saturday and couldn't stop trying to formulate the mixtures for the colors I was seeing in shadows.   I stopped to admire the form of a huge willow tree like I hadn't done before even though I had walked past it dozens of times. You are thoroughly impressive. Keep up the excellent work!”  -Jason Terry, Associate Professor of Art, Northland College  August 2012
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