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Studio Painting Classes
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  SPUK011521 - ONLINE - DIRTY WORK: Building your watercolor toolset

Paint ONLINE with award winning urban-sketching instructor, Uma KelkarDirty Work is aimed at giving beginner students the tools to go from beginner to experienced watercolor painter in one weekend.  

Dates: 01/15/21 to 01/17/21
Level: All Levels
Instructor: Uma Kelkar
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  SPAH092721 - Abstracting the Landscape

How do you experience nature? Some people climb the biggest mountain they can find, others prefer beach combing the coast, while others cultivate their backyards into pristine gardens. How can we capture that energy and express those fleeting feelings of exhilaration, nostalgia, or serenity on the canvas?


Dates: 09/27/21 to 10/01/21
Level: All Levels
Instructor: Amanda K. Hawkins
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SPAF072522 - Heart-Led Landscapes in Watercolor with Angela Fehr

Paintings come alive when they show the artist’s emotion and passion for the scene they are depicting. Angela Fehr’s “heart-led” painting approach is designed to free the artist from the tyranny of the reference photo, guiding students in developing strategies to show more of their own personal story in their paintings.

Dates: 07/25/22 to 07/29/22
Level: Intermediate
Instructor: Angela Fehr
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