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FMM062419 - The Macro World of Madeline Island

Come explore the island’s tiny landscapes and small details with the help of international award winning professional macro photographer Mike Moats.  


Dates: 06/24/19 to 06/28/19
Level: All Levels
Instructor: Mike Moats
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  FPK081219 - Capturing a Full Portrait of Madeline Island

Approach Madeline Island from a travel photographer's perspective and learn to capture the varied highlights of a destination in a way that paints a full picture - from nature and wildlife to the residents and the food.

Dates: 08/12/19 to 08/16/19
Level: All Levels
Instructor: Pei Ketron
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FCB081919 - Photographing the Apostle Islands with Craig Blacklock

Go on a weeklong series of unforgettable photo outings, with master photographer Craig Blacklock at your side.

Dates: 08/19/19 to 08/23/19
Level: Intermediate
Instructor: Craig Blacklock
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This September 2019, during the fall equinox, join us on an amazing adventure exploring the dark night skies above the Apostle Islands in Wisconsin. We will spend 5 days and 4 nights learning to master the art of night sky photography while searching for amazing Milky Way photographs, shooting stars, the zodiacal light and much more. This National Lakeshore is a hidden gem and a gold mine for photography, especially around the autumn equinox when the Northern Lights can often put on an amazing light show for the northern states.

Dates: 09/23/19 to 09/27/19
Level: All Levels
Instructor: Jeff Berkes
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  FSS072020 - Afterglow: Shooting after Dark & The Art of Travel Photography

This course will cover TWO exciting aspects of photography: Shooting After Dark and Travel Photography. This is a rare and specialized opportunity to learn both genre's from Scotty, a world renowned Photographer. 

Dates: 07/20/20 to 07/24/20
Level: All Levels
Instructor: Scott Stulberg
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  FJG100520 - Capturing the Magic of the Fall Color on Madeline Island, Wisconsin

Join Jack Graham on October 2020 on Madeline Island and vicinity and learn to see, think and create photographs during the dramatic fall color season. During our 5-day time together we’ll stress seeing, visualizing and other aspects that go into successful nature and travel photography. Please consider joining us!

Dates: 10/05/20 to 10/09/20
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Instructor: Jack Graham
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