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Angela Fehr Watercolor Workshop Guide

Dear Friend,
I’m so glad you are joining me for this 5 day watercolor workshop at Madeline Island School
of the Arts! We are going to have such a good time learning together. Consider this your
guide to our workshop, one that will help you prepare and get the most out of the workshop.

Workshop Content & Focus:
Paintings come alive when they show the artist’s emotion and passion for the scene they are
depicting. Angela Fehr’s “heart-led” painting approach is designed to free the artist from
the tyranny of the reference photo, guiding students in developing strategies to show more
of their own personal story in their paintings.

In this watercolor workshop, we'll be exploring a variety of landscape subjects in a “loose &
fluid” watercolor style, both in the studio and en plein air, with the goal of understanding
and applying the keys that will unlock your individual style and honouring your creative
voice and allowing it to speak more confidently.

Outline of Topics:
Ï Preparing to paint: Creating a good foundation to really get you acquainted with your
reference photo.

Ï Understanding the framework of a painting: Training your eye to see value, pattern,
shape and color as the team that make up a powerful painting.
Ï Unlocking creativity: Exercises to help you dig beyond what your photo tells you and
bring your painting to life.

Ï Learning the value of working in a series for growth and self-expression.

Who is this workshop for?
This is not a beginner watercolor workshop. Painters who have familiarity with watercolor
techniques and are looking to become more confident in self-expression will get the most
out of this workshop.
I believe that what we are ready to learn reveals itself, so students at different stages of
artistic growth will all find information relevant to their journey to encourage them and help
them to grow.

Your Assignment:
The very best way to prepare for this workshop is to paint a lot. Time spent in the weeks prior
to the workshop exercising your brush and putting paint to paper will “prime the pump,”
preparing your mind with questions to ask and concepts to feed your thirst for knowledge.
Please bring:
I don’t have a list of colors or supplies for you; you can actually increase your burden of
things to learn if you purchase a lot of new supplies that are unfamiliar to you.
Ï Paint and palette: Please bring the color palette you are accustomed to (I will have
new colors you can try out at the workshop)
Ï Brushes: your favorite brushes
Ï Paper: a good supply of artist quality, 100% cotton paper, in sizes no smaller than 9 x
12 inches. You might anticipate a dozen pieces for warm-ups and another dozen for
larger paintings for a 5-day workshop. I will be painting 11 x 15 or larger.
Ï Water containers: 2 water containers
Ï Painting board or support to tape or clip your paper to.
Ï Paper towels
Ï Masking tape
Ï Reference photos of places you are familiar with (florals are also a fun subject to
Ï An easel or stool for plein air painting, depending on whether you prefer to sit or stand
to paint outdoors.

Please plan:
Expectations can play a powerful role in determining how much we get out of a workshop.
Please don’t expect to leave this workshop with a masterpiece! The sheer volume of
information that is transmitted during a workshop will take time to process and apply in the
weeks and months following the workshop.

Give yourself permission to make a lot of exploratory and developmental paintings during
this workshop, and understand that the environment of working among other students will
also serve to limit how much you are free to accomplish.

Do plan to ask questions! One of the benefits of an in-person workshop is being afforded the
opportunity to ask and receive answers to your burning questions; the answers might benefit
the entire class, so don’t be shy!

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