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Class Materials List
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Sewing Tools & Supplies: Dress making shears, 6-8 inches – make sure they are sharp o Rotary cutter with mat – leave rulers and templates at home Thread – medium gray blends with most fabrics Pins Seam ripper o Fabric marking tool – I prefer tailors chalk Hand sewing kit –needle, thimble, etc in case you need to do a little hand sewing or applique in tricky piecing situations.  Sewing Machine and extension chord unless already provided by the host.

Field Art Supplies: Sketchbook/Journal – a size you are comfortable taking in the field with you. Writing instruments, pen or pencil Drawing instruments, colored pencils or a box of crayons Satchel or bag for carrying your sketchbook and drawing/writing instruments into natural settings. We will be walking to and sitting in natural settings individually, and as a group each day for 30 minute meditations. Be sure to bring comfortable shoes, and if you are not comfortable sitting on the ground consider bringing a portable seat. If that is not possible then you will be able to find locations on campus that have built in seating. Digital camera – your phone camera is fine.

Sewing Materials: Large to medium scraps or fat quarter cuts in a range of values, hues, neutrals, solids and prints. At least 50% of what you bring should be solid, non-printed fabrics. Monotone prints, batiks, or hand dyes are not considered solids. Diversity is key. Try not to coordinate your color selections but have a full range of hues, include light, medium and dark values, bright and muted hues, cool and warm hues, etc. Estimate amounts according to your goals for the project. Keep in mind your target size, your natural pace and scale, and the amount of time you will have to create during the workshop. 6-8 yards total for a five day workshop, may be a good target but will vary from person to person. Bring some scraps to share with the class. Come with a make-do attitude and whatever you bring will be fine!

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