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In this ONLINE workshop, you'll learn how to support your book-writing journey via systems to organize book research and computer files, set aside sacred writing time, network with other writers, and work with editors and feedback partners. Includes plenty of up-to-date information on submitting to agents and publishers, and what they look for in today's competitive market.

What to bring 

  • your laptop and charger, pens, writer's notebook
  • detachable flash drive (thumb drive) to (1) save your writing from your laptop and (2) for printing on the classroom printer 
  • your book manuscript to date--whatever you've written, raw or polished (on your computer or printed), plus any ideas you’re working on
  • if you have it, a revision list of anything you know you need to work on
  • 3 folding foamcore, display, or poster boards (most office supply stores sell these)—try to get 16 x 20 or larger, if you can
  • any current storyboards or collages from past workshops 
  • 2-3 favorite small objects that have meaning to you for your writing table; photos are also great to have along; anything that inspires you and can fit on your personal desk at MISA
  • 2 packages of any color 3-inch-square Post-It notes for your storyboards
  • beginning and ending chapters from 2-3 favorite books by other authors, preferably in your genre and published after 2012 (bring on e-reader or as photocopies)
  • a yellow highlighter
  • a pair of scissors
  • tape and Gluestick
  • if writing a memoir, please bring 5-10 photos relevant to your book 
  • 2 favorite glossy magazines you're willing to tear up (more are welcome—we’ll be using these for our image boards)

Course tuition includes all handouts for the workshop.

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