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Class Materials List
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Materials list

Bring a total of 5-8 total yards of fabric for this workshop, based on your preference for working large or small, and how fast (or slow) you typically work. This total should be comprised of mostly solids, supplemented with prints and/or yarn-dye wovens. Your overall fabric palette should be simple and reflect the composition of the pattern you are bringing. For example, if your pattern has three parts, select three colors and broaden your representation of each color with scraps, yardage, or precuts of varying value/hue/intensity etc.

Choose a Pattern

Come prepared with a block pattern to use as your theme. You don’t need to bring templates or a sample, just your intention. Your experience in this class will feel more successful (and you’ll have more fun) if you reduce your block choice to its most elemental form. Remember that complexity and secondary patterns emerge through overall composition. Blocks like the examples below are all excellent. The blocks as shown have two main colors. 


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