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Class Materials List
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watercolor paper pads,

9x12 (140 lb or better) 2 pads minimum 3 is better cardboard or foam core board 11" x 15" 6 or more of these (I cut up the cardboard backs of my large drawing or watercolor pads, these are to tape your watercolor paper to so that it doesn't curl as you are painting.)

watercolors, cakes or tubes (tubes are better and a plastic permanent palate to put them in or plastic plates for palates ) in your chosen color scheme (s) flat and round paint brushes. larger is better. Small and medium round 1" & 1/2" flat minimum, anything you have and want to play with Rubber cement black drawing ink kids bubbles with blower Fine line Masquepen (to use as a resist) I will bring this if you can’t find it.

water container little spray bottle for water roll of 1" masking tape (beige color not the blue or green)

scotch tape,

glue stick Cropper (mat for framing pictures cut at opposite corners to create to L's) 01 pigma pen Fabrics in your chosen color scheme (s)( also try to find fabrics that have a mixing of the colors in your scheme in them to create the areas where the paint mixes on the paper, batiks, hand dye's, mottled fabrics. )

Also bring white, you will want some white fabrics to represent the white paper that you are painting on. Plan on several pieces in each of 7 values from light to dark in each color. scissors fabric pencils foam core board for pin up wall staples and stapler extra costs for acetate, template material and stabilizer on an as need bases. We will enlarge our designs at the end of the first day, there will be a cost for the enlargement approximately 10 dollars per student. 

In the longer class we will be sewing and will need neutral color bobbin thread and monofilament thread and a sewing machine with a free motion or darning foot. Spray starch and a wash cloth and stiletto. I will have stilettos in class for sale or use

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