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Class Materials List
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Helen will provide these materials (student fee 25.00 each student) watercolor hot and cold press paper, acrylic medium, open acrylics, printing tools, collage papers

Student list Large water container #2b soft pencil and soft eraser Brushes: At least 2 round watercolor brushes: #14, #12, or #10 Acrylic -2 medium size rounds and a 1” flat

Personal Paint palette or pigments suggested below set in a palette. I use this palette for workshops (It’s cheap and easy to travel with) -

Pigments: If you are on a limited budget, buy the 3 primaries: Cadmium Yellow light or Hansa yellow, Quinacridone Rose or Quinacridone Red and Ultramarine Blue. If you already have some watercolor paints consider the full palette listed below or bring your personalized palette of hues.

Suggested professional grade paint palette (do the best you can according to your budget.) Watercolor: Daniel Smith, M. Graham, Winsor Newton, Di Vinci, Holbein. Lemon yellow Cadmium Yellow light Quinacridone Red

Quinacridone Rose or Permanent Rose Quinacridone Gold Quinacridone Burnt Sienna or Burnt Sienna Phthalo Turquoise Sap Green Phthalo Green Ultramarine Blue or French Ultramarine Cobalt Blue Phthalo Blue Manganese Blue Carbazole Violet

A set of at least 18 Prismacolor pencils I - 4” x 6” printing block Speedball linocut set 1 Drafting or artist's Tape (not blue painters tape) Tombow black or brown dual tip water- soluble pens Permanent black ink pen: Micron 03 or Faber Castell superfine or fine Pitt permanent black ink pen

Tote bag to carry stuff in. We will be working out on location one morning or afternoon.


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