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Class Materials List
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Please read carefully



Pencils,  HB or whatever you’re comfortable with

Charcoal Pencil, General Brand, hard & medium


Sketch pad - 9 x 12 (nothing smaller)     

Synthetic Round Brush #4 (listed again under ‘Brushes’)

Multi-media paper or Watercolor paper - 11 x 14 is  large enough



Feel free to bring your own favorites as long as the sizes are covered.  I use mostly Filberts. If you prefer Flats that’s fine. Whatever

you are comfortable with. You will only need a handful of brushes. Don’t be surprised if I only use 3  brushes. Err on the side of

LARGE with a couple of smalls. Don’t feel compelled to buy a ton of brushes. If you need to buy a few make it the Eclipse Longer

Filbert (mostly 8 & 10), Series 66 Sable #6, and a nice soft brush (Size 10 or so) as recommended. I have a Brush Pack listed with

Rosemary & Co.

Rosemary Brushes*:                  

Eclipse (Synthetic), Long Filberts, Sizes 4, 6, 8, 10   

Eclipse are the backbone of my work.

Evergreen (Synthetic) Round, #4 (need this for DAY ONE)

Masters (Natural Hair-soft) Series 278 Long Filberts, #6, 8, 10, 12 (12 is a luxury brush – not necessary for this workshop)

I use the Masters Choice for the top layers of the fur

Series 66 sable (Natural Hair), Cat’s Tongue #6 & #8 (used for the eyes)

Please make sure you bring Synthetic AND Natural hair. We will definitely need a big soft Natural hair brush  no matter what. It will

be used to either soften edges, knock down passages or for the top layer of fur.

If you have a synthietic soft mop brush that works too and is inexpensive.

(I have an old Loew’s Cornell 1”  #270 Maxine’s Mop I use from Michael’s).



For limited palette studies please have:

Ivory Black (R), Terra Rosa (W/N), Yellow  Ochre Light or Pale(W/N),

Titanium White (R or similar)

If you bring nothing else, bring these.


Here’s what’s on my full palette today:


Transparent Oxide Yellow, Transparent Oxide Red, Transparent Oxide Brown,

Ultramarine Blue Deep, Cobalt Blue Lt, Viridian, Cadmium Orange,

Cadmium Yellow Deep, Titanium White

Winsor Newton:

Yellow Ochre Light or Pale, Terra Rosa, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow Light


Alizarin Permanent, Venetian Red (can be substituted for Terra Rosa W/N)



This is even more important than paints or brushes! 

I regularly use RayMar Panels, C15DP or C13DP


For an affordable support for studies I recommend:

Centurion Oil Primed Linen Panel (OP DLX) or Pads (available @ Jerry’s).

Ampersand Gessoed Panels are another lower cost option.


If you have panels or canvas at home with anything but a super smooth texture you can use W/N Oil Paint Primer or Gamblin Oil

Ground to create a nice surface. Very inexpensive and easy! I encourage you to either use the panels suggested or utilize the

ground/primer so that you will totally benefit from this workshop. Sometimes you only need to add one coat to the surface.



Two (2) 8 x 10 oil primed panel for exercises

Two(2) 11 x 14(minimum size)* Oil Primed Panels, larger if you want

*Please no smaller sizes for the portrait section of the Workshop! We need enough surface for freedom.

Also, if you are feeling ambitious pack an extra panel.







I will provide a variety of photos to choose from but please bring whatever you would like to work on. Personal pet photos or

commission work. Whatever you are excited about.  We also will have live models if you choose to do that. You might want to




Plein Air Box

Palette, glass or Plexiglas(good for travel)

Rubbing Alcohol to clean palette

Glass Scraper to clean palette

Container for Gamsol

Viva Paper Towels

Palette knife 

IPad and/or camera recommended in case you want photo of our models or to use for reference photos.   An iPad holder is available

through Amazon. Useful but not necessary.       

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