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Class Materials List
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As an artist with experience, you will probably have established colour choices that you enjoy painting with. I encourage you to
continue to be true to yourself and use the paints that you are comfortable with. I have some basic colours that work for me. You
may want to experiment with them if they are not part of your pallet already. Workshops are designed to gather information and
to try new ideas; if you do not have all of these items you might share with your neighbor or try it when you get home. I have 6
transparent colours, a warm and cool red, yellow and blue with supplementary pigments for good luck! Minimum colour range warm and cool red, yellow and blue.

An assortment of sizes in round and flat shapes. I do recommend
that you have some larger brushes in your assortment (1”, 2”).

Your choice of Paper, Canvas or Board
Use an artist quality rag paper. 140 lb or heavier.
Drawing paper, sketchbook.
Other Supplies (* You may want to share some of these items
with friends) 

These are products that I use in my practice. Please bring what
you have and feel free to try the products on my list.

Holbein Heavy body colours and fluid acrylics and acrylic inks

*Pyrrole Red
*Hansa Yellow
*Quin Magenta
*Quin Gold

*Phthalo blue red
*Phthalo Turquoise
*Compose Blue no1
*Compose Blue no2
*Titanium White
Cerulean Blue
Cobalt Blue
Holbein Gesso
Carmine, Cerulean Blue try a coloured gesso
Gels Mediums
Pumice Medium
Soft Gel Medium
Mat & Gloss Medium*
Gel Medium*
Others of your choice.

Acrylic Inks*
*Coloured pencils*
*Water bucket
If using paper, Board for paper to clip onto. Bulldog clips.
Drop cloths
*Spray bottle
*Paper Towels
Masking Tape
Two Elbows of a Mat (mat cut on diagonal to frame image)
*Collage paper

Anything else that you would like to bring!
Bring some reference material - sketches and/ photographs.

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