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Class Materials List
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  • Sewing Machine
  • Needles/Bobbins
  • Digital Camera/Printer (Canon SELPHY printer recommended)/Paper
  • Scissors/Thread/Rulers
  • Swing Arm Lamp
  • 24” x 36” Cutting Mat
  • 7’ x 7’ Batting/Flannel (White) on which to pin work (optional)
  • Extra Large Rotary Cutter and Blades
  • Iron/Iron Cleaner (optional as Barn has irons)
  • Ball-Head Pins (very fine and regular size)
  • Small Water Spray Bottle for Ironing
  • Glue to Adhere Snapshots into Sketchbook
  • Multiple Outlet Power Strip/Adaptors/Heavy Duty Extension Cords
  • Sketchbook/Pens/Other Supplies You Want
  • Packing Tape if shipping boxes (plus return labels)

Optional Books:

  • COLOR IMPROVISATIONS 2 & CIRCULAR ABSTRACTIONS: BULL’S EYES QUILTS, 2016, (books from two exhibitions curated by Nancy) - signed/dated editions available at the Crow Timber Frame Barn
  • CROSSROADS, 2007, Breckling Press (catalog from one of Nancy’s exhibitions) - signed/dated editions available at the Crow Timber Frame Barn
  • NANCY CROW, 2006, Breckling Press (book covering Nancy's work from 1989-2005) - signed/dated editions available at the Crow Timber Frame Barn
  • NANCY CROW, MONO-PRINTS: SELF-PORTRAITS: FOCUS, 2012 - signed/dated editions available at the Crow Timber Frame Barn

Unfortunately, the following titles are out of print, but your local library may have them or order on

  • NANCY CROW: WORK IN TRANSITION, American Quilters’ Society
  • NANCY CROW: QUILTS AND INFLUENCES, American Quilters’ Society

6 yards each of:


2 yards each of:

  • BRIGHT COLORS - bright red, orange, acid yellow, lime, turquoise, blue, apple green, pink, lavender, etc. (very saturated bright colors … the brightest color that are never darker than medium value)
  • GRAYS (wide range in light, medium light, medium, medium dark, dark)

1 yard or more of each color:

  • SOLID OPAQUE COLORS (wide range in light, medium light, medium, medium dark, dark values so you can be free to work) - reds, pinks, blues, teals, greens, limes, violets, browns, yellows, golds, oranges, purples, maroons, turquoises, rusts, etc.
  • TANS (wide range in light, medium light, medium, medium dark, dark)
  • OFF-WHITES ...warm white, cold white, cream


  • Bring BOTH the GLOWING and the FLAT versions of as many of these colors as possible.
  • Please wash and shrink all fabrics! No need to iron though if you fold at end of drying cycle.
  • We will use everything listed above so do not decide to leave anything out!
  • Do not bring marbled fabrics.
  • Bring enough variety so you are not hamstrung!

Yes, the rumor is true!!! Yes, I do ask that each student bring lots of fabrics. My personal theory embraces the belief that one will be 
freer to be creative if one has many fabric choices available in class. After 35+ years of teaching, I consider each class I teach to be on a graduate level and therefore I expect students to arrive prepared with all necessary supplies. In that regard, I have outlined those fabrics we will use in this class. For some students, my fabric supply list will seem overwhelming in quantity and variety, while for other students, the selection they bring will never be good enough.

About solid colors - the more shades you have to work with, the more you will learn about 
how to work with color. Color is Joyous!!! Color does not cause pain!!! Take DELIGHT in color!!! Working in color does not mean only using BOLD colors or HOT colors; working in color means learning to be versatile in all types of colors. 

Overall during the class, we will use many solid colors. When choosing solid colors to bring to class, be sure to bring 
both glowing and flat tones.

I caution you to not bring mostly middle value solids, rather bring a wide variety, including:

  • Light values
  • Medium light values
  • Medium values
  • Medium dark values
  • Dark values

Any color can be GLOWING or FLAT.

GLOWING tones: Any colors that are mixed with yellow and which have a glow coming off the surface.
FLAT tones: Any colors that are mixed with black and which have a dullness and subdued nature.

Many students arrive with their own hand-dyed solids or stacks they have purchased from other dyers. By all means, bring hand-dyed if you want but they need to be opaque and not have multiple values swimming across them ... meaning white or light splotches on dark colors.

But flat solids (dyed commercially) are equally acceptable.

I usually work with flat colors or my own subtly dyed flat colors. My own palette includes approximately 500 shades.

I cannot specifically tell you to only bring 1 yard cuts of each color because I know we will be using at least a yard of some to many colors depending on each student’s color preferences. If you bring a yard of each – say 5 blues, 5 reds, 5 yellows, 5 greens, etc., but one each in light values, medium light values, medium values, medium dark values, & dark values, that would be better than not having enough. So bring 1 yard of as many colors as you can afford and longer lengths for the rest.


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