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Class Materials List
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Brushes: Inexpensive 2” hardware brush and a 1” synthetic flat brush, no need for good brushes

Brayer, hard rubber one any size

Acrylic Paint: a handful of colors plus black and white. I use gesso for black and white, and my most used colors are Golden Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold, Turquois (Phthalo), Quinacridone Crimson, in fluid acrylics in 1 oz bottles. Heavy Body acrylics in tubes are fine. Feel free to bring your favorites!

8 large substrates. Your choice: 140 lb. or 300 lb. watercolor paper and/or stretched canvas and/or cradled wood panels
(I will use w/c paper and Cheap Joe’s 3⁄4” unprimed cradled panels.)
...I will work on full and half sheets of w/c paper and 24x24 wood panels.

2 small 8x8 or 10x10 paper substrates these can be heavy paper, mat board, etc.

Soft lead pencil
Small travel-size spray bottle (from Target, Walmart, Dollar Store)
At least one water-soluble colored pencil, I like Intense Pencils by Derwent
Vine Charcoal: one stick
Small piece of sandpaper.
Textured patterned collage papers (I use pages of an old book, sewing patterns, tissue and rice papers.)
Xerox copies (not inkjet)-I use black and white images of metaphorical textures, seed pods, flowers, raindrops, cracked asphalt, trees, etc.
Stencils if you do not have any, no worries, I will share.

Adhesive: 16 oz (or larger) of regular gel medium or soft gel, either gloss or matte. This will be used for collage and texture
Palette: Anything to mix paint on...I’ve been using newspaper and then using it later for collage material.

Plastic bag for garbage
Water container for brushes
Paper towels
Hand Protection: latex gloves or barrier cream Apron or a smock
Journal/Notebook: for notes, ideas, drawing, etc.

The most important thing to bring is your sense of adventure!

Students are responsible for bringing their own art supplies. I will share stencils and High Flow paint with them.

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