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Class Materials List
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IAPS Immersion Retreat Materials List

REFERENCE MATERIAL: Photographic or alternate reference, landscape materials may be useful when working in studio. It’s good to have an assortment to choose from. An iPad or similar digital tablet may be used. 

PASTELS: An assortment of both softer and harder artist-grade pastels representing  a full color spectrum and value range from the color wheel.  Consider that your pastels will need to be portable. Be sure to prepare your pastels for travel and use. 

PASTEL PALETTE:  An appropriate travel palette or container for your pastels is required.  Especially when working on location in the field. There are several good options available from mail order distributers. 

PASTEL SURFACES:  Please bring an ample supply. Come prepared with multiple surfaces, either grit surfaces or sandpaper.If you are planning on utilizing water in any form be sure to test it on your surface in advance to make sure it is suitable.Artists will be engaging with all three instructors throughout the program.

Listed below are the surfaces the Instructors may be demonstrating with. 

  • Lyn Asselta: UArt sanded paper 400 grit. Mounted paper is recommended if using a wet underpainting, but not necessary. Recommended sizes 9x12 or 12x16

  • Aline Ordman: Colorfix Art Spectrum Paper, Raw Sienna. Recommended sizes: from 9x12 to 16x20

  • Dawn Emerson: 12x18 or 11x17 pad of Strathmore series Printmaking Paper 


If you are most comfortable working on your preferred surface, please do so.


  • Multiple (suggested 3-4) smooth supports, such as GATOR-FOAMBOARD (white may be preferred for studio and black for plein air), to be used for attaching the pastel surface. 

  • Make sure the support is large enough to allow for a few inches of border all around the pastel surface (Note above sizes paper the instructors work with).

  • Sheets of tracing paper or glassine may be used to protect the pastel painting surfaces for transport.


  • Classrooms are furnished with a limited supply of easels and tables. 

  • You will need to provide an adequate field easel and pastel palette support when working on location.

  • One style of field easel is a Camera Tripod with an easel attachment mounted to the tripod. There are many good field easels available from online retailers. 

  • You may want to consider a portable umbrella for shading your palette and painting. This is optional.

UNDERPAINTING: Please bring materials for your preferred method of underpainting. Below is a list of the underpainting supplies the instructors may be using – only bring if you are interested in trying the techniques:

  • A palette of assorted watercolor, along with oil/acrylic synthetic nylon bristle brushes. Have a range of colors from each of the basic color families.

  • Portable container to hold water/alcohol

  • Alcohol or Spectrafix for washing in color.

  • A tube of water-mixable oil paint (black)

  • Diane Townsend Ground  (a block of pumice tinted with pigment and mixed with a binding formula created to adhere to any paper as a support for pastel) Similar product sold by Richeson

  • 2- or 3-inch rubber brayer 


  • Neutral colored Drafting or Artists Tape to attach paper to support.

  • Sketchbook- Notebook

  • Fine line markers with waterproof ink (like Pigma microns)

  • HB 2B pencils, sharpener

  • Digital Camera (smart phone is suitable)

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