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Class Materials List
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Bring the materials you like and are most comfortable with - there is no need to paint in Hunters style unless one wishes to. Be prepared to paint outdoors, generally out of the back of ones car.  

Please note: materials, availability, and preferences are constantly evolving. For the most current list of Hunters preferred supplies, please visit  At the time of publication, this was Hunters basic setup: 

SURFACES: Blank prepared surfaces (Hunter recommends Masterpiece Santa Cruz” series linen panels (, or Fredrix Mixed-Media Paint Boards - cotton surface, Series #70005-70011). Do not bring low-quality canvasboards. Suggested size - anywhere from 8x10 to 12x18 or 18x24 - entirely student preference. 

BRUSHES: Hunter uses a range of synthetic brights and flats (such as Rosemary Evergreens and Ivories, Princeton Aspen, Simply Simmons or Dynasty Black Silver), a rigger,’ and a couple of 1.5-2” wide inexpensive hog-bristle brushes from the hardware store. 

ARTIST COLORS: Hunter uses "Cobra" solvent-free oils (made by Royal Talens). 

Raw Umber and/or Van Dyke Brown - These are Hunters base colors. It is possible to have a fine time at this workshop with solely one of these tubes of oil. 

Other Cobra colors Hunter uses regularly include: 

Transparent Oxide Red 

Ultramarine Blue 

Titanium Buff 

Transparent Oxide Yellow 

(choose one) Permanent Green Deep, Chromium Green, Olive Green 

MEDIUMS: Water-mixable Safflower Oil or water-mixable Linseed Oil (W-N Artisan or Lukas Berlin) as a 'fat' medium. Cobra #93 Quick-Dry Medium is useful as well, and is the only water-mixable quick-dry medium Hunter recommends. 

MISCELLANY: Coffee can or bowl for water (no styrofoam cups!)clip-on palette cupsPalette knives. 

Mark-making tools: Mint (green package) Stim-U-Dents, 6” Ettore brass-handled window-washers squeegee, Q-tips, hand-held spray bottle, toothbrush, etc. 
Roll of paper towels (Bounty or Viva; Hunter prefers Bounty) and trash receptacle. 

Portable plein-air easel (Hunter uses a Soltek, but many brands and designs are available) 

DRAWING MATERIALS: Sketchbook (suggest wire-bound, hard-cover, 8.5"x11" or larger) 

3H or 4H pencil (a range of pencil hardnesses is fun, but harder-than-you'd-think leads are helpful for our purposes) 
Eraser (kneaded, gum, whatever your preference)

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