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Class Materials List
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Up to 5 yards total of undyed fabric to be dyed and/or printed. It can be protein fibers: wool, silk; and plant fibers: cotton, linen, rayon/viscose; a blend of natural fibers (no synthetics), or some of each. I recommend at least some protein fibers as well as plant fibers. If you're using wool, lighter-weight wool such as gabardine, challis, or suiting fabric is ideal. Fabrics will NEED to be fully cleaned/scoured ahead of time. Instructions for doing this will be sent out in advance of the workshop.

* Fabric scissors

* A measuring tape or long ruler (approx. 24")

* 1-3 pairs of fitted vinyl or rubber gloves

* Clothes that can get messy, as well as close-toed shoes

* A spool of strong but not bulky, undyed string or sturdy, non-stretch yarn such as crewel embroidery yarn (white or off white)

* ONLY IF YOU LIVE NEAR THE WORKSHOP SITE: A variety of leaves you love; good options for printing are: all kinds of oak leaves, all kinds of maple leaves (especially Japanese maple leaves), catalpa leaves; peony leaves, rose leaves, raspberry leaves, strawberry leaves, eucalyptus leaves and seeds; fern fronds; perennial geranium leaves; other thin but sturdy and heavily-veined leaves.



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