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Class Materials List
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These are the basics.  Please feel free to bring more.  

Pastel artists please bring the following materials:

*25 sheets of large newsprint for warm ups and composition sketches

Four to six small pieces of sanded paper for color studies  4X6 or 6x6 or 6x8


Day one and two we will work on a sanded surface so you can bring the paper of your preference.  Bring small pieces for Day one and a couple of larger pieces for Day two. I like Pastel Premier and Uart.  You can cut a large 18x24 inch sheet into smaller sizes. Bring extra if you think you would like to do more work on a sanded surface.

On days three, four and five we will work on paper with ground.  

Rives BFK and pastel ground:

I also demonstrate and work on Rives BFK paper with pastel ground.  If you want to learn this technique please bring the following:

*Large sheets of Rives BFK 22x30 or 19x26 are typical sizes.  I use 175 or 250 gsm in white. For a four or five day workshop bring 3 or 4 sheets minimum.  I usually order 10 sheets at a time online from Blick. I prefer the 175 gsm because it is cheaper and dries more quickly.  

Three or four small bottles of fluid acrylic for underpaintings.  I use Golden fluid acrylics but you can also use inks if you have those on hand.  I will bring a few bottles also and will share them.

Large flat brush and water container to apply fluid acrylics and clear gesso.  

Liquitex Clear Gesso or Golden Ground for pastel.  I actually prefer the clear gesso because it is easier to use.  Bring enough for your personal use.

*Compressed charcoal sticks (1 or 2) I use Generals Compressed Charcoal

*A few basic colors of hard pastel like nu pastel.

Artist quality soft pastels (please no pastels from hobby or craft stores)

You can use Rembrandts, Sennelier, Mount Vision, Art Spectrum ,etc.  You will probably have to order your pastels unless you are near an art store that carries a wide variety of pastels.  Start with a good set of half sticks if you do not have artist quality pastels. Sennelier and Richeson have nice half stick pastels.  Try to include some neutral pastels in gray and earth tones as well as pure color.

Small container of rubbing alcohol  (I will have some to share also)

Small container for the alcohol

* tape


*Paper towels

*Backing board for your work  

*Bring an old extra hair dryer if you have one.  

You may bring some black and white photos of your own if you would like to work with a specific subject in an abstract way.  I will also have photos for you to use. We will also do some contour drawing of plants or flowers. If you want to do this before the workshop please feel free.  


Acrylic artists please bring the following:

Acrylic artists you will also use some drawing media so I have marked materials in the pastel section for you also.  If you have artist pastels you may want to bring some also as they can be used in mixed media painting.

All materials listed above with an asterisk.

Heavy body acrylics in basic colors of white, black, yellow, red and blue.   I like Titanium white, ivory black, yellow ochre, cadmium red, ultramarine blue and viridian as a basic.  You can also add other colors you like. Bring enough to get through the entire week. Bring a larger container of white as you will use more of this.  

Drawing media like charcoal, pastel, graphite, Stabillo pencils, etc.  

Palette and palette knife for mixing.

A variety of brushes and painting knives.  I like Liquitex freestyle long handle brushes, color shaper paddles and a variety acrylic brushes.  

Mat medium.

Painting surfaces which can include heavy paper, canvas panels or stretched canvas.

If you have any questions on materials contact me by email at


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