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Art Supplies Suggestion List for Studio/Plein air Workshop

This is an outdoor-indoor workshop : sketching, reference gathering/photos outdoors, painting takes place in studio (or plein air if you choose)

This workshop is open to all media. Please bring the supplies that you are most comfortable with and feel are most suited to your goals. The following list is simply a guideline. Bring the supplies that work for you!

The basic colors listed below are optional but useful in providing a wide range of hues. Please feel free to bring any additional colors you like to use.


- Quinacridone magenta or Permanent Rose

- Cadmium Red Light

- Yellow Ochre

- Cad. Yellow Light

- Phthalo Blue or Manganese Blue

- Ultramarine Blue

- Titanium White (Large Tube)

- Burnt Umber

- Carbon Black

Optional colors: Cad. Yellow Med., Cad. Orange, Dioxazine Purple, Alizarin Crimson, Sap Green, Green Gold, Burnt Sienna, etc.

Both acrylic painters and oil painters must bring a tube of ACRYLIC paint in these colors: Titanium White, Carbon Black, and Golden Neutral Grey #6.

Paints: My preferred acrylic brand is Golden paints - they are an excellent quality professional grade paint. You can buy student grade acrylic paints, which are much less expensive, but they dry dull and more transparent because there is less pigment in the paint.

Mediums: - Oil painters bring odorless turps and whatever mediums you like to use. I like Galkyd for speeding up dry time - Acrylic painters: If you are want to work with slow drying acrylics, you can try Golden’s OPEN line of paints, or any other brands that dry slowly.

“OPEN” Paints dry much slower than the regular “fast drying” acrylics. “Open Medium” can also be used to maintain its slow drying time. OPEN medium can also be used with regular fast-drying acrylics to slow the dry time.

Many acrylic painters use the Sta-Wet palette container to keep their paints wet.

Brushes for acrylic painters and oil painters

An inexpensive option for acrylic painters is Leow Cornell Nylon synthetic flats in varying sizes, from 1/4 to 2” width. You can buy these brushes all in one package from Michaels or Blick, they are not expensive. For very small lines I use a script liner by American Painter, Size 4 Script.

Excellent quality brushes for acrylic AND oil painters is Princeton ASPEN brushes (R). They have a wonderful spring and retain their shape after repeated use. I prefer flats and use sizes 2,4,6,10,12,16.

Easels If you want to paint PLEIN AIR you will need to bring a portable outdoors easel, such as a French Easel. I use the Soltek easel.

Surfaces to Paint On: You will need 3-4 small gessoed painting surfaces per day, approx. 8x10 or 9x12 or 11x14, Canvasboards, stretched canvas or gessoboard panels are suitable. You may not use them all but better to have too many than too few.

Palette: I will be using a paper palette, I use “Grey Matters” by Jack Richeson Co., you can also use white palette paper Watercolorists/pastelist - please bring a range of colors that will give you many color options, as well as the types of supports you like.

Sketchbook - Bring a sketchbook. We will be doing compositional sketches, then taking reference photos with our smartphone or Ipad, and will print them out. You can use soft vine charcoal, or carbon / graphite pencils or whatever is your preferred sketching media.

Other art supplies: - a viewfinder - I use a “View Catcher” to help with composition - a roll of paper towels - kneaded eraser - a few sheets of 8x10 tracing paper. (I put the tracing paper over the value sketch and draw a grid on it to size it up proportionally.) Please print photos from the following pages (See below). Also feel free to bring any photos you want to paint from. 

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