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Class Materials List
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Since we are not following a pattern, you are making fabric choices as you sew.

Bring a good stash of SOLIDS include: many colors, a range of lights - darks, dull - bright; different shades of one color family; prints or batiks as accents. Bring fabric you like so you feel enthused from the get go.

Optional -

one print or color that challenges you, for example, you are not sure how to use it, or if you like it.

It is helpful to pre-cut yardage (especially is you are packing for flight) and consider packing strips from 3-6 inches to give you more variety, and fat quarters as larger pieces. Scraps and orphans can be a fun starting point.

HOW MUCH?? Estimate how much you may need to make a wall quilt approx. 30-40”.
Another way to estimate is to consider what you want for 5 days of sewing. Finally,
consider 10 to 12 colors OR your favorite palette AND just know that I’m good with
what you want to do. (I will bring a stash to share with you)


Pack what is convenient and I will have a few rulers to share, and you are free to work entirely without a ruler.


Bring your favorites. The MISA studio supplies a large mat to share.


Your sewing machine in good working order; or check with MISA about a rental
Basic sewing supplies—pins, extra machine needles; thread for piecing in neutral or
coordinating color for your palette.


This is handy for original work and MISA supplies foam core space for each student. Some students like a piece of bating or flannel to attach to the foam core, and some don’t.

I imagine that we will accomplish quilt tops and batting and backing are not necessary for class.

Please know I am always happy to chat - just email your questions to:


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