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Class Materials List
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Gear list:

1. Good DSLR…  (hopefully one that handles high ISO well)

2. Good normal lens like a 24-105 or similar

3. Good wide angle lens like a 16-35 f/ 2.8 if possible

   (You can also use an f/4 but an f/2.8 is preferred for the night sky)

4. A decent telephoto of some kind (not essential but nice to have)

5. A good tripod and good ballhead

6. A wired cable release that can lock in the on position   (not wireless)

7. A decent headlamp for after dark (Petzl Tikka is great)

8. A good backpack for all of your camera gear


Optional gear:

1. L Bracket for your camera

2.  6 stop and 15 stop Neutral Density filters for your wide angle lens

3. Panorama Head & Nodal slide for taking panoramas

4. Pec Pads and Eclipse Fluid for cleaning sensors

5. A 2x Matin Loupe ( hard to find but crucial)

6. A laptop


* Scott can talk with you on the phone about what kind of gear is best to bring to class and where to find it all. 


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