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Class Materials List
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Your normal watercolor painting supplies will work great, use whatever you are used to and comfortable with. The following is what I tend to use most.

Quiller Palette

Please bring a pad of cheaper watercolor paper for value studies as well as good quality paper, quarter sheet size or larger, for paintings. I use Arches 140# Cold Press and Rough.

I use a combination of American Journey and Winsor & Newton paints. I don’t ask that you purchase the brand or colors I use, but I do ask that you use freshly squeezed paint and I highly recommend adding white gouache to your palette. My palette consists of:
Paynes Gray
Dioxazine Violet
Ultramarine Violet
Ultramarine Blue
Cobalt Blue
Cerulean Blue
Cobalt Turquoise
Hooker’s Green Dark
Quinacridone Gold 
Cadmium Yellow Light
Naples Yellow
Raw Sienna
Cadmium Orange
Burnt Sienna 
Cadmium Scarlet
Cadmium Red Medium
Cobalt Violet
Permanent Rose
White Gouache (Da Vinci Brand)

Use what you’re comfortable with; I use a combination of flats and rounds.
Joe Miller Signature Series 50/50 Brushes 
Black Velvet Silver Brushes. 
Cheap Joe's Golden Fleece Synthetic, Rigger, Size 1

Masonite or plywood board
No. 2 pencil and kneaded eraser
Water container
Household sponge, rags, or paper towels
Masking Tape
Photos to work from

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