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Class Materials List
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Materials for Capturing Color and Light en Plein Air

Paints:  I use Windsor Newton Paints unless specified otherwise

Titanium White

Cadmium Yellow Light or Cadmium Lemon

Cadmium Yellow

Cadmium Red

Alizarin Crimson

Cobalt Blue (W.N. or M. Graham)

Ultra Marine Blue (M. Graham)

Ivory Black (for value studies) 


Extra Colors: (optional, not required)



-Transparent Oxide Red (Rembrandt)

-Permanent Rose


Odorless mineral spirits

Brushes:  I use Robert Simmons Long Flat Bristles. It's good to have a selection of sizes.  2, 4, 6, 8

A couple palette knifes

Portable Easel


Paper towels ( I use Vivas )

Sun Hat

View Finder Can come in handy, but not required

Sketch book and drawing pencil


Painting Surface (panels or canvas)

I like panels vs. stretched canvas for plein air.  A good inexpensive brand is Pintura or Centurian Linen panels.  

2 @ 12x16 panels

8 @ 8x10 panels

2 @ 11x14 panels

4 @ 6x8 panels

Wet Panel carrier (to transport wet paintings)

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