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Class Materials List
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  • Paint Golden Fluid Acrylics or Liquitex soft body or any other fluid acrylics that you like to use, in the colors you want to
    use. Pick several color schemes from these: monochromatic, achromatic, complimentary, split complimentary, analogous,
    analogous plus a compliment, triadic, etc. plus black and titanium white. (from experience the students were much happier
    with the Golden Fluid Acrylics) 4 oz Golden Additive: Acrylic Flow Release (also known as wettingagent)  small bottle, and an empty squeeze bottle to mix flow release with water

  • GAC 100 for treating the canvases (32oz for 3 or 5 day and 16 oz for 2 day) , more if you want to paint more. You must have this so order it early!

  • Yogurt containers or some such container for mixing with color and water. Plastic or paper plates for mixing paints, or paper palate. Acrylic Brushes. (these have longer handles but really anything you want will work. An assortment of larger brushes rounds and flats I like several widths of flats and

  • 3" house painting brush for treating canvas.

  • Paint shirt

  • Little cups for paints

  • Paper towels

  • Little squirt bottles.

  • Sewing machine with Free motion quilting foot and Zig zag sewing foot. optional teflon foot if you have one.

  • 40 or 50 weight thread for construction and quilting. include black.

  • Batting

  • Fabric to assimilate onto the surface of canvas. I like to use black and white graphic checks and grids and dots but anything
    that you would like to put on the surface and then paint over and stitch into (fat quarters or less)

  • xacto knife

  • 4 foam core boards 3 to use as painting foundations and one for design wall approximately 22" x24" (if you let me know ahead we can have them there for you to use)

  • 18 x 24" or larger mat, rotary cutter, 18" ruler

  • 2 “ masking tape, ¼ inch masking tape if you can but we can share that. (not blue painters tape please)

  • Glue Stick

  • Scissors

  • cropper (matt for framing a picture at least 12")

  • optional. rubber stamps for adding to the surface. Different sizes of cups for stamping circles on canvas.

  • Inspirational photographs of Landscapes and Still life

  • Size 90 top stitch needle

  • 3 or 4 skirt hangers

    I will bring the canvas to paint on. There will be an additional charge for the amount of canvas you wish
    to use……I will treat the canvas that you will need for the first day and then you will treat your canvas
    for the following day……..2 pieces of treated canvas 28" x 20" at $6.00 apiece for the first day of
    class, to be paid in class …….Additional untreated canvases for the following days 28" x 20" 3.00. each
    Canvas for backing $6.00 a yard you can paint two canvases a day and construct in the afternoons.

  • A journal that you wish to cover with canvas (optional)

  • Email me with questions about supplies

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