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Class Materials List
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REQUIRED supplies:

Rice Paper, Hosho or Shuji Gami Kozo Paper Roll. Washi or Unyuri white papers with and without fibers/texture purchase online @ or local art supply or craft store in the Chinese brush painting section.

Variety of found papers, sheet music, maps, wallpaper, hand written notes, old book pages, hand made papers, deli paper, white tissue – variety of thickness and textures. You can do this totally with found papers. 

Decorative papers, papers you purchase at your local art supply store with fiber, embossing, metallic patterning, iridescent patterning. Please purchase in white or natural if possible, this allows for the most color options when painting. 

found objects, string, yarn, wrappers,  feathers, and anything else a magpie might steal!

Gelli Plate and Brayer Monoprinting plate for creating colorful collage papers 

Golden Fluid acrylic paints & White Gesso for under-painting on panel and hand-painting papers -- colors of your choice, keeping in mind the subject matter and your ability to mix color. Lots of green! Small container gesso for adding white to certain paint colors. 

Canvas panels economy surface for support, available at or local craft store. This is mat board covered with pre-primed canvas, NOT stretched canvas. 12x14 or several 8x8’s

Filbert style paint brushes (half inch - one inch) for under-painting and applying glue. OR use what you have on hand.

Liquitex Gloss Gel Medium, this is the collage glue. Please purchase GLOSS

Water Container & Dollar Store vinyl table cloth/shower curtain for table cover and/or to dry papers on

Paper towelsfor cleanup   Paper platesfor paint palette

Palette PaperA pad of shiny surface palette paper 12x16

Gallon plastic zip bagsFor organizing papers to take home


SUGGESTED supplies:

•*wood panels I work on wood panel, either cut down 1/8 inch sanded birch plywood or American Easel Wood Painting Panels from This would be a more expensive option than canvas panel and does require a Liquitex clear or opaque gesso primer coat.

•*Mixed Media In addition to collage we will experiment with adding (and subtracting) charcoal, watercolor pencil, metallic leaf, pigment pens, bring any mixed media that inspires you! if you choose to bring any smudgy supplies, you’ll also need...

•*CLEAR ACRYLIC SPRAY VARNISH, This product seals and sets charcoal, colored pencil, watercolor pencil, etc to prevent smudging.

NO MAGAZINES or shiny coated printed papers

PROVIDED supplies:

SHARED DURING CLASS The instructor will bring to share for the duration of class, stencils, string, masking tools, etc. for experimentation on the Gelli Arts Mono Printing Plate.

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