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Class Materials List
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Materials List


Sterling will have a limited inventory of his products and original art for sale at his workshops for those who would like to purchase them. You can also order his products ahead of time by going to his website store at  Please note that Sterling DOES NOT sell paper at his workshops.


The following is a list of recommended materials and tools for watercolor workshops conducted by Sterling Edwards. Participants are encouraged to bring what they have and refer to this list if they need additional items. It is not necessary; however that everyone have the exact products that Sterling uses since the techniques that you will learn work well with a wide variety of materials. Sterling ALWAYS encourages workshop participants to use professional grade materials to obtain the best results.


Paper:  A good cold pressed watercolor paper is recommended. Sterling prefers 140lb and 300lb cold pressed Fabriano Artistico Traditional White watercolor paper or Arches 300 lb cold pressed Traditional paper if more texture is required. Paper can be purchased in blocks of various sizes and in individual sheets. Blocks usually consist of several pieces of paper that are glued around the edges. If individual sheets are purchased it is recommended that a mounting board of some type is also brought to the workshop.


Brushes: A good assortment of round and flat brushes is necessary for most of the styles of painting that are demonstrated in Sterling’s workshops. Recommended brushes are; a #4, #6, #8, and #12 round watercolor brushes, and a liner or rigger brush. Flat brushes should include a ½”, 1”, and a 2”. One or two flat stiff bristle brushes such as oil painting brushes should also be brought to the workshop. They are excellent for lifting shapes and blending edges. Sterling uses the brushes that he designed, the Sterling Edwards Blending and Glazing Brushes. They are available in 1”, 1 ½”, and 2”.


Paint: Sterling uses and recommends professional grade watercolor paints. There are several good quality paints on the market that can be purchased at most art supply companies. Select a wide variety of at least twelve to fourteen colors. NOTE: Sterling uses a palette that is predominately transparent. All of the techniques that Sterling teaches work with opaque and semi-opaque colors as well as transparent. Sterling uses the following Holbein Watercolors:


Cadmium Yellow Lemon, Permanent Yellow Deep, Quinacridone Gold, Burnt Sienna,

Brilliant Orange, Umber, Quinacridone Scarlet, Bright Rose, Permanent Violet, Payne’s Gray,

Royal Blue, Cobalt Blue, Ultra Marine Deep, Green Gray


Palette: A good watercolor palette with a lid is necessary. There are many styles to choose from. (Sterling uses a palette that he designed to accommodate large brushes, The Sterling Edwards Big Brush Palette)


Miscellaneous tools and accessories:


Drawing pad


Roll of toilet tissue

Roll of paper towels

Box of facial tissue     (Buy the cheap stuff, not the brands that have facial lotion in them)

Kneaded eraser or soft art eraser

Hand held hair drier

Camera for photographing demos (Video recording of any kind is strictly prohibited at Sterling’s workshops)

Reference photographs

Two containers for water

Jacket or sweater (The air conditioning is sometimes kept cooler because of all the hair dryers and crowd size)           

Mounting Board for your loose paper

1” Masking Tape

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