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Class Materials List
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Required Photography Skills:

  • Ability to work in manual focus and exposure modes shooting RAW

  • Understanding of how aperture affects depth of field.

  • Understanding of the reciprocal relationship of aperture and shutter speeds.

Required Computer Skills:

  • How to open and process files in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) or Lightroom.

Required Equipment:

  • Digital SLR camera

  • Lens – try to bring at least one wide angle and one that allows you to do macro work.  Bring all you have, but if you have the basics, hold off on purchasing new lenses until after the workshop.  Polarizing, neutral density and skylight filters for all lenses (buy for largest lens and get step up rings to accommodate the others).

  • Tripod made for still camera, outdoor photography – this is essential for using several digital techniques.

  • Remote for shutter releases

  • Flash cards

  • Computer with a means of getting your images transferred into it.

  • Mousepad

  • Up to date versions of Adobe Photoshop CS6, or most current version (preferred), and/or Lightroom

  • 10 Prints for opening critique (no need to mount)

  • Swim suit, sunscreen, sun hat, water shoes.

Optional: Waterproof camera for playing in the waves.

Optional: 10 x 10 foot piece of 4 mil polyethylene or parachute cloth to diffuse light and block wind.  Two or three, 10 foot long fiberglass tent poles are helpful (you should be able to bend them so the ends are 5 feet apart), but not required, for supporting the material.

Please note: Course tuition includes all fees for cruise boat trip and canoe rentals.


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