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Class Materials List
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Materials List

Acrylic paints: bring your artist grade acrylics, all of your colors, plus
student grade acrylics (optional) to extend your palette. For white I use
Blick Matte Acrylic white, in 8oz bottles.

Paper for substrate: I recommend Blick Bristol, which comes in pads of
various sizes; or Stonehenge printmaking paper, which has a smooth surface. This is for studies; bring enough for at least 20 small (6x6” or 8x8”) pieces and 12 medium pieces (10x10 or 9x12, in that range).

Canvases and/or cradled panels and/or more paper: this choice depends
on what you are comfortable working on. I suggest sizes no larger than
18”-24”, and you may work small as well. Bring enough for at least ten
pieces. Don’t expect to finish ten pieces, but you will begin at least ten.

Brushes – a variety of decent brushes. Don’t use cheap brushes for your
matte medium, use good ones. Use cheap hardware store brushes for
their expressive potential.

Acrylic matte medium (for collage; I use Utrecht brand, available only at
Blick; other brands tend to be more difficult to use for collage).

Acrylic glazing medium (optional – for diluting your paints and keeping
them wet longer)

Collage papers (your own painted papers as well as others) – lots of solid
colors as well as patterns; make sure to have a variety of values: very
light, very dark, everything in between.


A soft rubber brayer, 2” or 3”

Disposable palette (pad of paper style)

Drawing materials, such as pens, paint markers, graphite, pencils, water
soluble crayons, etc. NOT oil pastels.

A ream (500 sheets) of cheap drawing paper, I recommend 60# white
sulphite drawing paper from Blick. 200 sheets would be plenty, but it
comes in packs of 100 sheets and 500 sheets online.

Please order your supplies online three weeks before the workshop to accommodate Covid-related shipping delays.

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