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Class Materials List
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  • Flash drive

  • Lap top (no tablets like iPads)

  • There are no requirements in terms of camera, lenses, or tripods. Bring what you use and know. Remember, the workshop is focused on ideas. Here are some suggestions:  

  • Simple camera, with one lens or a small assortment of lenses.

  • Tripod (if you use one)

  • Your camera manual, and a flashlight if you want to work early or late.

  • Enough battery power to work for a full day and a battery charger

  • Editing software (such as Photoshop or Lightroom)

  • Memory cards

  • Memory card reader

  • Cables to connect your equipment to your system

  • Do not bring a camera, laptop, or software you just bought and do not know how to use. (Remember: the purpose of the experience is to open our eyes to some new ways of seeing, and then to bring the technical skills of photography up to those eyes. The real benefit from the workshop will be in your photography that takes place after we leave.)


  • Be prepared by bringing a wide variety of clothing, rain gear, good walking shoes, sunscreen, a water bottle and mosquito spray.

  • Bring a favorite poem, song (Sure, bring a CD or even a guitar!), or story. (Great photographic images are often inspired by great verse and good lyrics.)


Class participants will be receiving a letter in the spring which will outline more specifics about what they should plan to bring to the workshop.  If you have any questions in the meantime, please email MISA at  



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