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Class Materials List
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5-8 Reference photos 

Stonehenge 9x12 paper pad (15 sheets) 

Pencil, Eraser 

Value Chart 


Any dry media supplies, IE Markers, colors pencils, pens, etc 

Paint: Acrylic Golden Slow-Dry or Liquitex Heavy Body Slow Dry 

  • 5oz Titanium White 

  • 2oz Mars Black 

  • 2oz Phthalo Blue 

  • 2oz Phthalo Green 

  • 5oz Raw Sienna or Yellow Ochre 

  • 2oz Cadmium Yellow Light 

  • 2oz Cadmium Orange 

  • 2oz Cadmium Red Light 

  • 2oz Alizarin Crimson 

  • 2oz Quinacridone Magenta 

Palette 12x16” or larger (palette paper, Masterson Sta-Wet, or wax paper covered masonite recommended) 

Brushes, recommended sizes include: 

  • Round 2-4, Round 10-12 

  • Bright 10, Flat 20 

  • 2” House painting brush 

  • Any other brushes you normally use 

Palette Knife, any size or shape 

Catalyst Brand Wedge, Shape 6 (straight edge) 

Newsprint Pad 

(3) 9x12 canvases 

(3) 24x30 canvases (or similar size, bigger is encouraged) 

Stonehenge 22x30 paper (2 sheets) 

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