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Class Materials List
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Material List for 5-Day Plein Air Workshop with JOE PAQUET


Requirements: Humility & a Healthy Respect for Nature!


Paint Brand Guide

B         Bloxx

OH      Old Holland

R         Rembrandt

WN     Winsor Newton


Oil Paints

Whites: Artists Choice: Titanium or Cremnitz (Lead White) OH, WN

Cadmium Yellow Light          OH, R

Cadmium Yellow                    WN

Cadmium Orange                    WN

Cadmium Scarlet                    WN

Cadmium Red                         WN

Alizarin Crimson                     WN

Manganese Blue                      OH, B

French Ultramarine Blue         WN

Cobalt Blue                             WN

Ivory Black                             WN

Raw Umber (for toning panels) WN


Painting Mediums / Solvents*

Cold Pressed Linseed Oil

Turpenoid or Gamsol



Long Bristle Flats (2 of each) #2,#4,#6,#8,#10,#12


Robert Simmons - Signet

Raphael - Series #359



French Easel; Recommendation: Original Julian French Easel

Pochade / Field Painting Box; Recommendation: Guerilla Paint Box


Panels / Canvas

Recommendation: New Traditions Art Panels  1-801-732-0208

Panel Sizes: 8x10, 9x12 , 11x14 , 12x16 , 16x20 (your choice)

Panels to be toned with a light, middle tone of Raw Umber

Canvas Type Recommendation: Claessens Double Primed Belgin Linen, Type 13 or 15




Palette Cup(s)

Palette Knife

Small Hand Mirror

Sketchbook / Notebook / Pencil

Paper Towels (Viva)

Brush Washer

Brush Soap

Trash Bag (small)



Bungee Cords


Bug Repellant


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