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Class Materials List
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Materials list
-Thread for quilting and piecing: DMC pearl cotton size 8 is ideal, in a variety of colors.  I also like crochet cotton (often sold as 'yarn') in size 10, I usually get Aunt Lydia's, but most brands are good.  Other brands of cotton pearl are okay too.
-Fabric for piecing, backing, and binding: Students should bring at least 3 yards of fabric. Cotton or linen are ideal, and should be woven rather than knit.  Students may also enjoy using found textiles like napkins, tablecloths, clothing, and bedsheets (avoid high thread count sheets). Solids, prints, and hand dyed fabrics work equally well.
-A thimble that fits your 'pushing finger,' (ring or middle) on your dominant hand.  I like the Clover protect and grip thimble best.
-Straight pins and applique pins (about 20 would be enough)
-Safety pins for basting (about 50 total)
-Batting, I like cotton batting from the warm company (It should be between 2' and 5' square, depending on the size quilt you'd like to make)
-A rubber gripper for pulling your needle.  This can be a small round disk, and/or something that fits your index finger or thumb
-A small and medium sized embroidery hoop for piecing (about 5" and 10')
-A rotary cutter, ruler, and mat
-Scissors ( a small snip, and larger cutting scissors would be ideal)
-Milliners needles, I like the Dritz multi pack
-A 5lb or heavier book to create tension while quilting
-3 'wonder clips,' for binding your quilt
-A couple pieces of tissue paper or tracing paper
*no sewing machine
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