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Chawne Kimber Classes
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Hi I am Chawne Kimber, click here to view my classes

Chawne Kimber is an award winning textile artist who exhibits quilts and embroidery in museums, galleries, and festivals in all over the United States.

Through cultivation of cotton in rural Alabama, some of her ancestors (unwillingly) participated in building the United States. Inspired by quilts made by these ancestors in the late 1800s, Chawne interprets traditional patchwork forms in an improvisational style and indulges in political confrontations in quilt form.

When not manipulating cotton, Chawne is a professor of mathematics at a small liberal arts college in the Northeast.
Improvisational Patchwork Lettering

Let's express ourselves verbally with fabric!

Dates: 07/18/22 to 07/22/22
Level: All Levels
Instructor: Chawne Kimber
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