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Pam Beal is a professional quiltmaker and instructor. Fond of saying she is from the Liberated School of Design, she has studied and taught with Gwen Marston. Fascinated when color, line and shape combine in an exciting performance, her imagination is captivated with abstract design in quilts.

Pam facilitates the classroom atmosphere to promote the student's independence and discovery so students will experience the affirming process of working without a pattern, and creating their own quilts. An article about designing small quilts authored by Pam was published in American Quilter in 2016.

Pam's award winning quilts have been exhibited in regional and national art shows, and international quilt shows. Several of her quilts have been published in Gwen Marston's many books. She often works collaboratively with her husband, Wayne Walma, an artist working in wood, and they are both owners in an artist's cooperative gallery in Land O'Lakes, Wisconsin.
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